Teens (ages 12 – 15)

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children TeensOur Teen classes classes seek to not only impart the physical attributes associated with Mixed Martial Arts (Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Amateur Wrestling) but also the courtesy, respect, life lessons, and assertiveness that goes hand in hand with the Martial Arts. These classes have a strong emphasis on helping teens increase their physical fitness, as well as encouraging healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Aside from traditional Mixed Martial Arts training, the teen class also stresses pre-fight verbal self defense (how to de-escalate a confrontation before it becomes physical) and real life conflict resolution skills.     

Training Times: Individual instruction/one on one lessons are available at your request at either of our Marin Locations (click this Link )

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children Teens