Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children TeensOur Mixed Martial Arts lessons are a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, & amateur wrestling. Every training session features skill work, stretching, strength training, along with pre-fight verbal self defense (de-escalate tactics). We seek to not only impart the physical attributes & fitness associated with Mixed Martial Arts, but also the courtesy, respect, and assertiveness that goes hand in hand with the Martial Arts.

From the very first session, new students work on fundamental punches and kicks, as well as sweeps, throws, and mat grappling. Training has a strong emphasis on increasing physical fitness, as well as encouraging healthy diet and lifestyle habits.  

One on one & small group lessons are available at any of our three Marin Locations, At home training also available.

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children Teens