Kids Programs

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children Mixed Martial Arts (ages 7 & up)

Little Dragons (ages 3-6)

Sport Karate (ages 6 & up)

Athletic Improvement

For over 2 decades, our coaches have helped hundreds of children increase their Discipline, Focus, and Self Confidence while at the same time teaching them how to defend themselves. All Kids classes at Lavin Mixed Martial Arts are taught by one of our full time instructors, making sure kids classes are Safe, Fun, and Exciting.

Every training session features plenty of exercise, skill work, and stretching, along with age appropriate self defense skills. Our classes seek to not only impart the physical attributes associated with Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also the courtesy, respect, life lessons, and assertiveness that goes hand in hand with the Martial Arts.Mixed Martial Arts Marin Kids Children