John Lavin

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kickboxing Kids

John is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (Professor Rank) & a 4th Degree black belt in Vale Tudo (Mixed Martial Arts), and is the 2015, 2014, and 2012 California State Grappling Champion (UGF) and a Four time Naga title belt holder (2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016). A dynamic teaching style and a true love for Mixed Martial Arts coupled with over two decades of professional martial arts teaching experience make John an ideal coach for both new and seasoned MMA enthusiasts.

Lavin has won several competitions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing, including a submission victory over UFC Veteran Nam Phan, a hard fought win over BJJ Black Belt Riury Gracie, winning all his matches by submission at the 2013 NAGA, not having a single point scored against him at the 2015 UGF, and a narrow defeat against BJJ light weight world Champion Ciao Terra.

In addition to his MMA & BJJ experience, John has trained in Western Boxing, Sambo, Amateur Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning, Kettlebells, Judo, Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Flexibility & Mobility, Plyometrics, as well as coaching Sport Karate.

John is available for one on one & group lessons for adults and children. or 415-688-9750

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black belt awarded by Steve Maxwell (
Vale Tudo Black Belt awarded by Mike Valentine (

Mixed Martial Arts Marin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kickboxing Kids


1st place: 2016 NAGA West Coast Championships, Expert Division
Win: Inertia fight league 145lb Kickboxing Bout
Win: K-One Fitness Fight Night June 2016
1st place: 2015 NAGA Neveda State Championship, Expert Division
1st place: 2015 NAGA Neveda State Championship, Black Belt Division (Gi)
1st place: 2015 UGF California State Championship, Expert Division
1st place: 2014 UGF California State Championship, Expert Division
Win: 2014 M.A.T.S Fundraiser 130lb Kickboxing Bout  (KO)
Win: 2014 M.A.T.S Fundraiser 130lb Pankration Bout  (Submission)
1st place: 2013 NAGA California State Championship, Expert Division
Win: 2013 AMM Superfight #3, Catch Weight Kickboxing Bout
Win: 2013 AMM Superfight #2, 135lb Kickboxing Bout
1st place: 2012 NAGA California State Championship, Expert Division
Win 2012 Round Five Gym Smoker 145lb Kickboxing Bout
2nd place: 2012 Jiu Jitsu By the Bay, No-gi, Advanced Division
1st place: 2012 UGF California State Championship, Advanced Division
1st place: 2011 Bay Area Jiu Jitsu Classic, Advanced Division